Interviewer:     What about kind of the last six months since you discovered Ibogaine? Could you maybe tell your whole story related to Ibogaine? How it came to your life?

Aaron:             Anyways, there’s been a huge drive in the Downtown, Lower Eastside to embrace, I guess, the drug addicts…the society’s “socio-prise”—whatever it is—to actually try and make concrete changes. Now on-site and in-site, we’re one of the places that’s been set up to help drug addicts use safely and anyways, that’s… I used quite a bit of extra drugs besides methadone there and that’s where I have to meet a woman that works there who has undergone the Ibogaine treatment. And I’d heard a little, tiny bit of this but it was basically out of reach. In the stories I hear, you have to go to another country and it was costing around $5,000 dollars. It was a huge expense that, as a residence of the Lower Eastside, that I could not proceed as possible. But she had, through various agencies, found or gotten access to Ibogaine and she came back and started to share her story. I mean, she didn’t have to talk. You could see the light and the energy and her whole being just so changed and energetic that it just drew me to her. I mean, it was rather inviting than the usual non-caring disposition of most addicts down here. But anyways, she informed me that now there’s a new company, Libertyroots, that’s been set up in Vanc—Whitewalk actually and these gentlemen were bringing Ibogaine healing to North America and up to Canada. They’re going to start in Downtown, Eastside program and they’re going to try and bring some relief to society’s…I mean people like me who had absolutely no money and whatever money I did have, it was automatically going to drugs. I couldn’t even feed myself. So anyways, I started having meeting with Libertyroots gentlemen who brought the message. And we spent about 10 to 12 weeks just getting to know each other, trying to I guess, get down to the basics of what was required to make this Ibogaine treatment work and what was needed for me and what they were offering. And everything, I just don’t know, seemed to manifest and to flow and to come together from doctors that were needed to help make this work to nurses that donated their time for a 12-hour…in beginning a 12-hour session of Ibogaine. And I started making changes in my life like finding a new place to live and started getting some new things, set up and place with the…help me with finishing the treatment, to stay on track, to stay on board because  they stated to me that Ibogaine is not going to cure you magically. There’s inner work that needs to be done by the individual but I mean, with respect to this Ibogaine, it allowed me to almost reset my whole body and to go through with my opiate withdrawal within 24 to 48 hours and after that, not having to suffer this sluggish depression that always followed any kind of opiate withdrawal, right? I mean especially with methadone. I mean, it can last for months and months, right? So, taking this plant medicine and working with the Ibogaine providers, I mean, it was all a comprehensive package where they were dealing with every aspect and level of what it meant to be human and to get in touch with the power of my divine birth right or who I am as a man, right? But the plant medicine, after going through the session, it was such an incredible delight that removed such a huge stumbling block to opium withdrawal and allowing me not to have go through, say, like the depression. The physical, the mental and the emotional… that goes through with releasing the addiction like through my own experience, lasted for over 30 years. And so now, after the process, it took me about 2 to 3 days to start gaining my strength back and the Libertyroots Ibogaine providers also addressed other aspects and issues that I was dealing with like a little bit of depression, nutrition, I guess, resetting one’s thoughts and mind frames. I mean, it’s an all-inclusive package. I don’t know exactly how I can put it in any other ways but it has addressed me as a human being, as a man and I’m finally starting to feel like that I’m worth it, that I have all these…that I have a lot in me to offer. This plant medicine along with the whole Ibogaine set-up has so beautifully put it all into play, into work.

Interviewer:     Sweet! Yeah…

For more informaiton please visit Libery Root.

Aaron:             It’s been a long, long journey. I’m 52 years-old and I’m trying to sum that up into some sort of concise statement. It’s awfully hard to do. All I can say is that I grew up in Alberta , I guess totally submerged in society. But I mean, my life had so much fear and anxiety that I carried around with me all the time that it took all the energy to go out in public. It didn’t need much to think with. It didn’t need much for anything else. I found drugs to be the only actual relief that I could find and well, that just sort of led to a spiral of drug addictions and various jails and institutions and overdoses. And of course, I eventually made it down to the “Olympics of Drug Abuse” in downtown Vancouver, Lower Eastside. And well, everything’s been paid for, right? Your methadone’s being paid on a daily basis…any other kinds of pharmaceuticals to keep you sedated. You’re living in these small, little rooms that you’re paying, or the government’s paying three seventy-five for your. You just have no needs or no real wants except to worry about your drug addiction. And I got stuck down here. It was like a black hole of addiction and endless circles of day-after-day of going to pharmacies, picking up my methadone.

Interviewer:     Could you explain what methadone is to people?

Aaron:             Methadone is a form of an opiate. So it’s used to replace heroin. It’s a liquid and it seems to have some sort of life …once you go drink methadone you can go like a day, a day and a half, two days at a time. So it’s a long-acting opiate replacement. I don’t exactly know the story behind it. The Germans made it in World War II and brought it out here. The government found that it’s what they want to keep people on rather than having them on heroin or any other kind of drugs. It definitely gets a hold of you. It permeated my entire being so much so that I when I want to have my drink in the morning, I found that everything else was acceptable. I could live down here surrounded in the midst of drug addiction and just really low-class housing and bed bugs…

Interviewer:     But it made it alright?

Aaron:             Yeah, it made everything seem okay.

Interviewer:     Even though you were living, quite literally, in the depths of hell—

Aaron:             Yeah…

Interviewer:     Methadone kind of puts a warm blanket around you…

Aaron:             I actually call it a “warm hug” and I would drink it every day and I would feel that everything was okay. And it seemed to allow me to give myself permission to continue using crack, continue using other drugs. So there was just nothing with the “methadone-substitution-replacement-for-heroin” that’s addressed the particular issues that caused the beginning of my drug addiction.

Interviewer:     What about kind of the last six months since you discovered Ibogaine? Could you maybe tell your whole story related to Ibogaine? How it came to your life?

To see if Ibogaine is right for you, drop by

Psychological healing within the visionary plant medicine paradigm holds exciting potential. One theory is that this healing comes as a result of the plants shifting our context to include a greater understanding of underlying unity.  This unity seems to be uncovered within during the experience rather than being precipitated from without.  It is as though plant medicines help clear away psychic garbage to allow mental and emotional clarity.  Within this clear awareness it’s possible to see that this clear whole awareness is health, and it’s our focusing on the garbage that makes our heads sick.

Taking these medicines can help cleanse the doors of perception to this unified reality, but it is common that when they wear off, the clarity disappears along with the lessons it afforded.  A goal then, is to continue the work of cleaning those doors after the medicine.

One trick is to remember that often the insights you learned with the plant were learned through a process of letting go and undoing.  It’s an uncovering of your true Self rather than an addition from somewhere, a removal of all those things that don’t reflect unity such as judgment, condemnation, prejudice, jealousy, greed and fear.  Visionary plant medicines escort you past these things so that you can remember your bearings, but it’s up to you to stop indulging in those weakening emotions; evolve your way beyond them. 

The more you work on moving beyond negative emotional juice, the more momentum you build.  Your success builds upon success in moving out of this level, until you accrue enough energy to leave that field forever, graduating to higher fields of energy to manifest upon. 

For more information on plant medicines such as ibogaine, please contact Liberty Root.  

Here's a trailer for Neurons to Nirvana which is all about the need to move towards these powerful plant medicines:

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David Graham Scott was a devoted follower of the Faith of Heroin.  He loved it.  He would make short films to obsess over needles and death, both important aspects of his heroin addiction.  He switched cities after a divorce, and thought the geographical shift might help him quit, but he found it difficult, as anyone who has ever gone thought the agony of opiate withdrawal can attest.  He went to the medical profession for help, and was put on methadone, a prescription for ‘opiate maintenance’, but this just meant he switched from an illegal addiction to a legal one.

The opening scene of the film, however, indicates that a new answer to opiate withdrawal is on the scene, with David ingesting something called ibogaine.  Ibogaine is a plant medicine that has shown itself effective in helping an addict through opiate withdrawal.  Ibogaine is unique in that it seems it can be administered at the first sign of opiate withdrawal symptoms, only to have them all but disappear in about 45 minutes.  People report being free of of their addictions following the ibogaine experience.

As you can see from the documentary, ibogaine can be dangerous; there are reported fatalities, so it’s not recommended anyone try it on their own.  It’s important to have medical tests like an ECG, a Liver Function Test, and a Complete Blood Count done and read prior to the treatment, and a registered nurse on hand during the treatment.  Medical supplies like a defibrillator, IV fluids, and oxygen are also important to have available during the treatment.  For more information on using ibogaine to help with opiate withdrawal, please contact Liberty Root.

The intention a person puts behind the use of a psychedelic is what’s going to determine whether or not that psychedelic becomes a medicine, or a party drug.  Youthful experiments with psychedelics is not to be totally frowned upon, as that’s where most of this generation developed their appreciation for these powerful tools, but the downside of partying is that the lessons and healing potential of these medicines can be lost in the noise of the party.  Not to mention the notorious ‘bad trip’.  Without proper intention, psychedelics can be used as just another distraction, rather than an enlightening tool that sheds awareness on the world and a person’s place in it.

Ibogaine is an excellent plant medicine to be used for addiction interruption as well as for psycho-spiritual purposes.  There is lots of anecdotal evidence that indicates ibogaine has the ability to give a person a psychological ‘reset’, breaking them free from ingrained patterns of thought and behaviour.

Personally, I can attest to ibogaine being a very exciting tool for spiritual understanding and healing.  Experiencing a direct line to the ‘Power and the Glory’ of your inherent Divine Self is a transformational process.  For the majority of people on earth, tied to and believing in the maya or illusion of everyday ‘reality’, to be given a glimpse of our true, perfect nature, is the epitome and only actual source of total healing.  To know your true place and identity in the universe, is to heal.  While I recommend a lifetime of spiritual work for ultimate health, it’s exciting to live in a world where ancient tools like ibogaine are available to cleanse the doors of perception, and hopefully shorten the journey home.

Ibogaine however, more than any other psychedelic, is debilitating, and can be dangerous when the proper precautions aren’t taken, which is why the correct set and safe setting are so important with this plant medicine in particular.  For more information about ibogaine for psycho-spiritual purposes, please contact Liberty Root.

From Neurons to Nirvana is an excellent movie that covers the role of psychedelics in medicine.  Check out the trailer here:

From Neutons to Nirvana - Trailer

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